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Ceramic vs Semi Metallic Brake Pads

brakesChoosing between the newer models of brake pads can be daunting because no one wants to make the wrong choice and risk their safety. Customers can also be confused about brake pad choices due to the newly emerging market. Starting in the mid-1990s, the brake pads industry relied upon asbestos as their primary material.

As time progressed, it became apparent that using asbestos in any way was dangerous — and asbestos was completely removed from the brake pad market. For this reason alone, three new types of brake pads emerged to replace the old asbestos models. Namely, ceramic, organic, and semi-metallic brake pads are the three models found in stores today.

Why avoid organic brake pads?

Organic brake pads are normally reserved for specific vehicles that will not carry any heavy weight. Practically speaking, organic pads are environmentally friendly with less than 20% metallic material — but they do not withstand high weight payloads easily. In other words, you will see organic brake pads on smaller vehicles only. Alternatively, in the right vehicle the organic brake pads are easy on rotors, create relatively little brake dust, and are quiet. However, most American cars are high-horsepower or four-seaters — and therefore organic may not always be the best choice.

Why semi-metallic are better for race cars

For overall performance, semi-metallic brake pads are the kinds you will find in SUVs, trucks, race cars, and some delivery trucks. They can withstand high heat upon braking, and this is what race cars need when they want to brake at speeds over 50mph. Without these types of brake pads, race cars would have their tires catch on fire because the brake pad could not withstand the friction. Interestingly, if you add semi-metallic brake pads to your car, they will grip or bite a little harder as time goes on because the metals will heat up and meld. Of course, one of the disadvantages to the semi-metallic pads will be noise and more brake dust.

Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic brake pads

Ceramic brake pads are newer models that are made from a resin that has ceramic fibers in it. The ceramic versions have great stopping power and are also quiet. They may not be as good with stopping power as the semi-metallic brake pads, but many vans, trucks, and cars will not require a heavier brake pad because they are not carrying that much weight or going that fast. The ceramic brakes are also noted as having quieter operation than semi-metallic brake pads and are less inclined toward heat or cold problems.

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