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Choosing The Correct Motor Oil

motor-oilIt is no mystery that using the right kind of motor oil is essential for keeping your car engine working like new. However, when you are shopping for motor oil, it is immediately clear that there are several different types and grades as well as various types of additives. To get a better understanding of how to choose the best motor oil for your vehicle, keep reading.

General motor oil tips

Although it may be tempting to use a cheaper oil, if your manufacturer recommends a specific type of oil, it is best to not deviate from that recommendation. The three main things you will want to look for when buying a motor oil is the year your car was built, the way you drive, and the vehicle’s stage of life. The four main types of motor oil blends are conventional, partial synthetic, full synthetic, and high mileage.

Conventional motor oil

If you are a regular driver in an urban environment with highways, conventional oil will usually be your choice unless your car’s owner’s manual calls specifically for synthetic oils. Generally speaking, older cars tend to use conventional motor oil. Typically, this oil type prevents sludge and minimizes varnish deposits that are essential for the combustion process that takes place in the engine.

When you are recommended to use conventional oil and you do not, your vehicle can get a lot of buildup in the engine that leads to loss of power and can reduce your overall gas mileage. Conventional oil will act as a lubricant to reduce metal-to-metal wear and also cool the engine.

Partial synthetic motor oil versus full synthetic motor oil

It can be difficult to make a decision between partial and full synthetic motor oils, but the decision comes down to how much and in what way you use your vehicle. Partial synthetic definitely costs less, but when you choose full synthetic, it is for high performance situations. Luxury and newer vehicles also tend to choose full synthetic motor oil.

A good example of someone that owns a normal car and yet will need full synthetic oil for high performance is a pizza delivery driver. Pizza delivery involves lots of stop-and-go and there’s lots of short trips per day. Other reasons to get full synthetic include driving in a dusty environment or doing a lot of towing. Overall, Full synthetic will protect your car’s engine from heat and friction and keep it cleaner.

High mileage motor oil

High mileage oil is best for preventing leaks and is recommended if a car has more than 75,000 miles. Engine seals become more brittle as the years go by, and high mileage oil will heal those areas with conditioners. Other additives that help out older engines are extra detergents to break down deposits inside the engine as well as anti-wear additives.

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