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Do Not Neglect Your Cooling System

Making the right decisions about your vehicle is important in order to save money on gas, avoidable repairs, and other long-term damage. Using the wrong products can also mean that you have to take your car to the mechanics to correct your errors. On the other hand, Brake Masters works hard to help you stay confident and in charge when it comes to buying the right products for your car or truck.

When you avoid having your cooling system flushed in your vehicle, it can cause scaling to build up in the passages. Over time, that restricts flow and means your car does not have the full ability to cool itself. While the problem can go on for awhile, eventually it will mean that you are faced with a car that expires just after the warranty expires. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your cooling system from being neglected.

How you know it is time to flush your cooling system

If you have recently changed the oil, but your engine temperature gauge is showing high heat under the hood, the cooling system could be the culprit. In addition to topping it off with the required fluids, your radiator and related parts could use a good cleaning and conditioning periodically. Of course, a properly working cooling system ensures you are not making extra repairs to the most expensive part of your vehicle: the engine.

Reclaim your cooling system with radiator cleaners

When it is unclear how long it has been since you last had your cooling system flushed and cleaned, you can buy products that will do the job for you. Flushing your radiator of its cooling fluids is the first step, and having a basin to capture the old antifreeze is essential. The next step will be to add a product like Valvoline’s Radiator Super Cleaner. This product breaks up the scaling, rust and deposits found in the radiator or related parts.

Take preventative measures to prevent cooling system malfunction

The first time you drain your cooling system and radiator can reveal that you have a lot of chunks built up in your system. To prevent these kinds of massive deposits in the future, you can add water pump lubricator and protector. This kind of product will keep the hoses flexible and the metal parts protected against excessive rusting.

One final measure of cooling system protection

Within the cooling system matrix, there are metals, plastics, and tiny passageways. To keep all of the parts in top condition, a cooling system/radiator super sealer product is an excellent choice. A sealer can be added along with water pump lubricator and protectors mixed with preventative cleaners.

Let us help you find antifreeze and cooling system solutions

Are you having a hard time figuring out if you need to make a choice beyond heavy duty or regular antifreeze? If you have any questions about radiator or cooling system maintenance, repairs or preventative products — contact Brake Masters. We are happy to help with any of your questions, and we thank you in advance for choosing us.


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