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Alignment Service in Las Vegas by Brake Masters

Auto serviceHere at Brake Masters in Las Vegas, we can help you with your vehicle’s alignment issues.

Your vehicle’s tires require precise alignment to guard against premature wear, difficult or unusual steering and rough or abnormal ride. These are also safety-related concerns which affect performance and handling at all speeds and conditions. Most alignment problems can be caught quickly, which can lessen the impact, and with today’s tire prices, an ounce of prevention is worth a great deal of tire savings.

Brake Masters technicians are trained to spot unusual tread wear problems that point directly to areas in the front end, suspension and steering components that cause such symptoms. In other instances, faulty parts are to blame. Once the faulty parts are replaced, alignments can commence and bring the car back into manufacturer’s specifications. Or, the technician can align the vehicle specifically for a tread wear problem.

So if you notice hard steering, a pull or wandering with your vehicle’s steering, have a Brake Masters professional find the problem, make the proper repair and adjustment and get you back on the road, for a safer and more reliable driving experience.



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Brake Masters has been servicing our vehicles for brakes, oil changes, and tunes ups for the 12 years we have lived in Las Vegas. The Brake Master team has been a great help to us over the years and has always take great care of us as customers
Terry and Ann

Our Locations

We have 3 locations to serve your needs for auto repair in Las Vegas, NV

Brake Masters Rock Springs
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1910 N Rock Springs Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89128
Brake Masters Craig
(702) 454-0500
4620 West Craig Road
North Las Vegas, NV 89032
Brake Masters Eastern
(702) 454-0003
8080 South Eastern Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89123