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Cooling System Flush Service

cooling-system-flushThe U.S. Department of Transportation confirms that the leading cause of engine failure is due to faulty cooling systems. Antifreeze regulating your car’s interior temperature deteriorates over time and results in imbalanced cooling and clogging. Brake Masters provides complete cooling system flush and coolant flush in Las Vegas to keep your vehicle safe from the dry, exhausting heat.

Corrosion, scale build-up, rust, oil and acids all contribute to the chemical deterioration of antifreeze and cause your coolant lines to break down. Water pumps and radiator cores begin to clog, leak or malfunction, leading to major overheating hazards. When the cooling system fails; seals, hoses and components in the engine lines break and the vehicle is in need of serious overhauls. Brake Masters keeps your coolant lines and engine running smoothly with a forward-back flush that extracts old, deteriorated coolant and replaces it with the appropriate proportion of anti-freeze.

A cooling system flush is an easy and inexpensive way to maintain your car’s full capability, no matter what the weather. Stop in or schedule an appointment with the Brake Masters for a complete coolant flush to your vehicle.  


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During a weekend trip to Las Vegas, my brakes started giving me problems. The brakes started squealing every time I stepped on the brakes. Took my car to the Tropicana location to have them check it out late that Saturday afternoon. I thought that they were going to have to keep my vehicle overnight. Thankfully the staff at Brake Masters was able to repair my brakes that day letting me enjoy the rest of my trip and letting me drive home safely the next day.
Eddie S.

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