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Tune Ups for Vehicles in Las Vegas

tune-upRegularly scheduled tuneups are the key to squeezing every bit of horsepower and fuel out of your engine. They also provide quieter engine operation, less pollution and enhanced acceleration. If you have ever failed a smog test, you can be certain that a much needed tuneup was the culprit that caused you to fail. Missing engines can be diagnosed by listening and watching. Sputtering, chugging, engine dying and hard-starting are signs of tuneup problems, as well as blue/white or black smoke exiting the exhaust pipe.

Brake Masters knows their way around a tuneup. We first check the air filter, since it is one of the leading causes of poor performance. Since engines require copious amounts of oxygen to burn fuel, a new, free-flowing air filter immediately solves the problem. We next inspect the PVC valve and fuel filters to see if they are operating properly. PVC valves and fuel filters are replaced upon recommendation. Next the spark plugs are exchanged with OEM high quality duplicates. The spark plug wires are inspected for continuity and resistance, and replaced if defective. Estimates and repairs are available for older make vehicles that have cap, rotor, points and condenser.

When it comes to tuneup and performance, ask your certified Brake Master technician. Even if you have an intermittent problem or performance-related question, don’t hesitate to ask the pro. You will find no other repair facility as flexible, experienced and passionate as Brake Masters. Have a difficult problem to solve? Try them out and get the answers you need.



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During a weekend trip to Las Vegas, my brakes started giving me problems. The brakes started squealing every time I stepped on the brakes. Took my car to the Tropicana location to have them check it out late that Saturday afternoon. I thought that they were going to have to keep my vehicle overnight. Thankfully the staff at Brake Masters was able to repair my brakes that day letting me enjoy the rest of my trip and letting me drive home safely the next day.
Eddie S.

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Brake Masters Craig
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